Stay engaged with your founders,
Before and after you invest!

Follow, monitor and assist your portfolio companies with help of customizable tools. Blockseed for investors is a free tool that provides instant insights for all your companies and companies to be.

Follow a Startup's Progress.
Anonymously if you want!

Do reviews anonymously, then follow discreetly, or let the startups know you are looking at them! Either way this is no shark tank, only founders get to know. But, do complete a minimum number of reviews to keep our service free and give back to the startup community.

Create your own review flows.
Loop in friends, experts or analysts.

Effortless deal management. Create customizable review sequences and groups, assign to analysts or share deals with experts and friends.

Save your Inbox.
Find your sole mate, algorithmically!

We create learning based hurdles and not social hurdles. Get to know a founder not because he has made it to your network, but because he has an idea that’s worth it. Help us solve diversity and outreach issues, while reducing the clutter in your inbox.

You provide wisdom.
We provide games!

All your reviews are assessed and codified into learning modules layered with additional content which are tested and then gamified for founders to learn faster and be investment ready.

Get Instantaneous Updates.
Standardized Reporting by Startups!

Receive real-time updates on the startup’s performance facilitated through various integrations and standardized reporting templates.

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Blockseed For Accelerators

Accelerators play an integral part in a startup’s fundraising journey. We respect and admire the diversity of local accelerators. However, we want to expand and automate your outreach!

Blockseed For Agencies

Help us grow by partnering with us and share some of your development, marketing, legal and financial expertise. In return, get priority and discounted access to clients.